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Todd Rundgren's Utopia - Love Is The Answer - Lyrics Meaning

"Love Is The Answer" was written by Todd Rundgren and originally recorded by Rundgren's band Utopia for their 1977 album "Oops! Wrong Planet." However, the Utopia version never charted, and the song didn't become a hit until a slicker version was recorded by England Dan & John Ford Coley in 1979. Their version of the song reached #10 in the United States and also had a two-week run atop Billboard's Adult Contemporary Chart.

The lyrics to the song touch upon an idealism of a world where everyone appreciates one another. The songwriter can't stand the world as it is. He's searched high and low for answers to the complexities of life and has come to one conclusion. His conclusion is that love towards each other can solve most of our world's problems. The narrative is we're all wandering with no real home or purpose. Every day we selfishly turn a blind eye to others. The lyrics deliver a powerful message that there should be a love that is given to one another naturally since we're in this thing together.

Many Christians feel that "Love Is The Answer" and some other Rundgren-penned Utopia songs deliver a message of Christian spirituality. In their view, the stanza "light of the world, shine on me" represents Jesus Christ who pushed for mankind to love one another unconditionally. Rundgren has emphatically stated that he's not Christian but has always been intrigued by the idealism and mythical aspect of "Christian love."