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UB40 - Red Red Wine - Lyrics Meaning

Red Red Wine by UB40 was released in 1983 and reached number 1 in the US charts and number 1 in the UK charts.

This was recorded as a cover of the Tony Tribe Reggae version. The original version reached number 46 in the UK charts in 1969.

The lyrics are basically about someone who has split up from his girlfriend and is trying to forget her by drinking alcohol, namely red wine.

He has tried everything to try and forget this girl and he thought that by now she would be definitely out of his mind but it is not working.

So he ends up drinking more wine but it is turning into a vicious circle and instead of getting worse it is getting better,

There is a section of the song at the end which is entitled the 'Red Red Wine Toast Section'

This describes the singers love for the red wine and how it has become a replacement for the love that he has lost and he is asking for the red wine to stay with him forever.

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