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Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio - Lyrics Meaning

This song was inspired by the unregulated Mexican AM radio stations from the 1930`s. These high wattage stations could be heard in other countries. The Mexican stations were not subject to the same restrictions on wattage or on trade regulations that radio stations in the United States were subject to. Consequently, people used these Mexican radio stations to market their homemade pharmaceuticals, political agendas, and anything else they could peddle. These Mexican stations may very well have been where televangelism began.

In the first verse, the singer mentions not understanding the DJ on the station, buying a product that he has no use for, and just having the sense that the radio station is coming from a different world.

In the second verse, the singer points out that he can understand that the news cast he hears is about the US inflation, however, he is unable to understand most of what is said.

Since the singer is able to pick up the Mexican radio station where he lives, has developed an interest in the country. The line, "I wish I was in Tijuana eating barbecued iguana" suggests that listening to the Mexican radio is making the singer want to visit the country.