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Well, why not? It's not as if almost a hundred discographies in my main journal is enough for me, to say nothing of all the movies waiting to be reviewed, as well as all of my other journals. Let's do a special discography project for just progressive rock and progressive metal albums, shall we? And let's call it, oh I don't know...

Unlike the Great Discography Project, this will not take over my journal. I will do discographies as and when, in between other features, perhaps three albums at a time, perhaps not. I haven't quite decided. I'm unlikely to be taking suggestions for this one (you're unlikely be offering them, or even reading this anyway) so here is the list so far.

Artiste Name: Also Eden
Nationality: British
Timespan: 2006 -
Number of albums: 5
Notes: Differences as Light is actually an EP, but I'm including it as it was the first taste I had of this band.

Discography details:
About Time (2006)
It's Kind of You to Ask (2008)
Differences as Light (2010)
Think of the Children! (2011)
[REDACTED] (2013)

Artiste Name: Arena
Nationality: British
Timespan: 1995 -
Number of albums: 8
Notes: The review of Contagion[ will also take in the EPS Contagious and Contagium, as they are all meant to make up one unit.

Discography details:
Songs from the Lion's Cage (1995)
Pride (1996)
The Visitor (1998)
Immortal? (2000)
Contagion (2003)
Pepper's Ghost (2005)
The Seventh Degree of Separation (2011)
The Unquiet Sky (2015)

Artiste Name: Balance of Power
Nationality: British
Timespan: 1997 - 2003
Number of albums: 5

Discography details:
When the World Falls Down (1997)
Book of Secrets (1998)
Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion (1999)
Perfect Balance (2001)
Heathen Machine (2003)

Artiste Name: Big Big Train
Nationality: British
Timespan: 1994 -
Number of albums: 10

Discography details:
Goodbye to the Age of Steam (1994)
English Boy Wonders (1997)
Bard (2002)
Gathering Speed (2004)
The Difference Machine (2007)
The Underfall Yard (2009)
English Electric Part One (2012)
English Electric Part Two (2013)
Folklore (2016)
Grimspound: A Folklore Companion (2017)

Artiste Name: Edenbridge
Nationality: Austrian
Timespan: 2000 -
Number of albums: 9

Discography details:
Sunrise in Eden (2000)
Arcana (2001)
Aphelion (2003)
Shine (2004)
The Grand Design (2006)
My Earth Dream (2008)
Solitaire (2010)
The Bonding (2013)
The Great Momentum (2017)

Artiste Name: Genesis
Nationality: British
Timespan: 1969 - 1997
Number of albums: 15

Discography details:
From Genesis to Revelation (1969)
Trespass (1970)
Nursery Cryme (1971)
Foxtrot (1972)
Selling England by the Pound (1973)
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)
A Trick of the Tail (1976)
Wind and Wuthering (1976)
... And Then There Were Three (1978)
Duke (1980)
Abacab (1981)
Genesis (1983)
Invisible Touch (1986)
We Can't Dance (1991)
Calling All Stations (1997)

Artiste Name: Jadis
Nationality: British
Timespan: 1989 -
Number of albums: 9

Discography details:
Jadis (1989)
More Than Meets the Eye (1992)
Across the Water (1994)
Somersault (1997)
Understand (2000)
Fanatic (2003)
Photoplay (2006)
See Right Through You (2012)
No Fear of Looking Down (2016)

Artiste Name: Knight Area
Nationality: Dutch
Timespan: 2004 -
Number of albums: 5

Discography details:
The Sun Also Rises (2004)
Under a New Sign (2007)
Realm of Shadows (2009)
Nine Paths (2011)
Hyperdrive (2014)

Artiste Name: Marillion
Nationality: British
Timespan: 1983 -
Number of albums: 18

Discography details:
Script for a Jester's Tear (1983)
Fugazi (1984)
Misplaced Childhood (1985)
Clutching at Straws (1987)
Seasons End (1989)
Holidays in Eden (1991)
Brave (1994)
Afraid of Sunlight (1995)
This Strange Engine (1997)
Radiation (1998) (1999)
Anoraknophobia (2001)
Marbles (2004)
Somewhere Else (2007)
Happiness is the Road (2008)
Less is More (2009)
Sounds That Can't Be Made (2012)
**** Everyone and Run (FEAR) (2016)

Artiste Name: Mostly Autumn
Nationality: British
Timespan: 1998 -
Number of albums: 12

Discography details:
For All We Shared (1998)
The Spirit of Autumn Past (1999)
The Last Bright Light (2001)
Music Inspired by The Lord of the Rings (2001)
Passengers (2003)
Storms Over Still Water (2005)
Heart Full of Sky (2006)
Glass Shadows (2008)
Go Well Diamond Heart (2010)
The Ghost Moon Orchestra (2012)
Dressed in Voices (2014)
Sight of Day (2017)

Artiste Name: Mystery
Nationality: Canadian
Timespan: 1996 -
Number of albums: 6

Discography details:
Theater of the mind (1996)
Destiny? (1998)
Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face (2007)
One Among the Living (2010)
The World is a Game (2012)
Delusion Rain (2015)

Artiste Name: Millenium
Nationality: Polish
Timespan: 1999 -
Number of albums: 12

Discography details:
Millenium (1999)
Vocanda (2000)
Reincarnations (2002)
Deja Vu (2004)
Interdead (2005)
Numbers and Big Dreams of Mister Sunders (2006)
7 Years: Novelties, rarities .. and the best (2007)
Three Brothers' Epilogue (2008)
Exist (2008)
Puzzles (2011)
Ego (2013)
In Search of the Perfect Melody (2014)

Artiste Name: Pendragon
Nationality: British
Timespan: 1985 -
Number of albums: 10

Discography details:
The Jewel (1985)
Kowtow (1988)
The World (1991)
The Window of Life (1993)
The Masquerade Overture (1996)
Not of This World (2001)
Believe (2005)
Pure (2008)
Passion (2011)
Men Who Climb Mountains (2014)

Artiste Name: Redemption
Nationality: American
Timespan: 2003 -
Number of albums: 6

Discography details:
Redemption (2003)
The Fullness of Time (2005)
The Origins of Ruin (2007)
Snowfall on Judgment Day (2009)
This Mortal Coil (2011)
The Art of Loss (2016)

Artiste Name: RPWL
Nationality: German
Timespan: 2000 -
Number of albums: 11

Discography details:
God Has Failed (2000)
Trying to Kiss the Sun (2002)
Stock (2003)
Worl Through My Eyes (2005)
9 (2007)
The RPWL Experience (2008)
The Gentle Art of Music (2010)
Beyond Man and Time (2012)
Wanted (2014)
RPWL Plays Pink Floyd (2015)
RPWL Plays Pink Floyd's “The Man and the Journey” (2016)

Artiste Name: Salem Hill
Nationality: American
Timespan: 1993 -
Number of albums: 11

Discography details:
Salem Hill (1993)
Salem Hill II (1994)
Catatonia (1997)
The Robbery of Murder (1998)
Not Verybody's Gold (2000)
Different Worlds (2001)
Puppet Show (2003)
Be (2003)
Mimi's Magic Moment (2005)
Pennies in the Karma Jar (2010)
The Unseen Cord/Thicker Than Water (2015)

Artiste Name: Spock's Beard
Nationality: American
Timespan: 1995 -
Number of albums: 12

Discography details:
The Light (1995)
Beware of Darkness (1996)
The Kindness of Strangers (1998)
Day for Night (1999)
V (2000)
Snow (2002)
Feel Euphoria (2003)
Octane (2004)
Spock's Beard (2006)
X (2010)
Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep (2013)
The Oblivion Particle (2015)

Artiste Name: Theocracy
Nationality: American
Timespan: 2003 -
Number of albums: 5

Discography details:
Theocracy (2003)
Mirror of Souls (2008)
As the World Bleeds (2011)
Ghost Ship (2016)

Artiste Name: White Willow
Nationality: Norwegian
Timespan: 1995 -
Number of albums: 6

Discography details:
Ignis Fatuus (1995)
Ex Tenebris (1998)
Sacrament (2000)
Storm Season (2004)
Signal to Noise (2006)
Terminal Twilight (2011)

Artiste Name: Within Temptation
Nationality: Dutch
Timespan: 1997 -
Number of albums: 6

Discography details:
Enter (1997)
Mother Earth (2000)
The Silent force (2004)
The Heart of Everything (2007)
The Unforgiving (2011)
Hydra (2014)
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