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This album truly leaves me on the edge of my seat, completely and utterly thrilling. This is the best Prog album of the 80's in my mind, nothing can beat it. A lot of Zeuhl you just boring and does exactly what it says on the tin, but this takes it to a new level. It takes Zeuhl and turns it into something outstanding. So please vote for this album, it's a masterpiece and i'd love some other opinions on it. Plus if you haven't already heard it ... you must, leaves me in awe every time I play it.

James has waited a long time for us to act on his recommendation, but at last his suggestion has won the poll, and what a winner it is !

This is the first time I`ve heard the term Zeuhl, so I imagine this album sounds fresher to me than to Skaligojurah, who obviously knows his way around the genre. I loved everything about this album ; the slightly unusual instrumentation, the unrelenting commitment of the musicians and the controlled complexity of the music. I love the way each track is bursting at the seams with chaotic sounds, and yet Dùn manage to keep things stitched together with a few short, repeated motifs which give the baffled newcomer something to hold on to.

I`d agree with James that the album highlight may well be the slow build in the middle of the title track, but there are so many exciting things going on on this album, it`s difficult to select one special section. An easier task is voting: Eros gets an unequivocal "Brilliant" from me !

PS. I`ve just got hold of what I imagine is a cd re-issue, with alternative versions of three of the original tracks. At first listening, these versions sound really different from the tracks selected for the album. Anyone else have an opinion or explanation ?
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