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Voteeee I included rateyourmusic links to the album so you could all get an idea of what you're voting for. Except on Panacea, because Mrd00d did a little description of it himself. Poll will close in 7 days (after the Earl discussion is over - I realize Earl is going to have gotten more time out of this deal then everyone else but it was just because all this had to get sorted.) After that, I'll post te winner's album and then a new poll. You can nominate new artists to be added in here (and in subsequent poll threads.) I don't care how long the poll gets.
that's all I meant, will it be like that? 7 days to vote then a discussion thread for how long? and then will you take new nominations or just use some of the others that didn't get voted? or will you put up a new poll with the leftover nominations so that you work through the list that we have.
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