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Default canadians kick *ss. Evidence: Patrick Watson

so my girlfriends parents own this store. they sell tvs and stereos... and are reportedly the only store in the entire world who sell only canadian music. this isn't a plug, so i'm not gonna try and get you to buy stuff from them, but they have this strange ability to just give me a cd they've chosen, knowing full well that i will probably love the sh*t out of it... which is hard, cuz i'm a snob.

anyway, Patrick Watson is one of those canadian artists. if you like radiohead, bjork, joni mitchell, flaming lips, nick drake, or rufus wainwright, you're probably gonna like this. h*ll, if you like none of those artists, you'll probably like this cat. he's something different for everyone, i think.

here's some vids:

live from a bathroom

live from a radioshow

an incredible video

another incredible video

do enjoy.
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