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Default Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean (2011)

Released Jan 25th, 2011.


1. "Walking Far from Home" - 4:46
2. "Me and Lazarus" - 3:03
3. "Tree by the River" - 3:56
4. "Monkeys Uptown" - 3:48
5. "Half Moon" - 3:16
6. "Rabbit Will Run" - 5:32
7. "Godless Brother in Love" - 3:50
8. "Big Burned Hand" - 4:14
9. "Glad Man Singing" - 4:40
10. "Your Fake Name Is Good Enough for Me" - 7:01

For some background, I got into Iron and Wine when Our Endless Numbered Days was the most recent offering, and it remains to this day one of the most important albums in my collection. Samuel's voice is soft and smooth, virtually unbeatable when paired with simple guitar riffs and nothing else. Proof of this is in his first release, which was self-released and a fully solo effort in its sound as well.

This album, however, continues his progression towards a bigger, fuller sound. There is a lot going on in this album, which is pretty unusual for I&W. And I have to say, that smooth voice that suited the stripped-down folk sound also suits this bigger sound exceptionally well. It's no Endless Numbered Days for me quite yet, but it's catchy, smooth, and well constructed.

Notable Tracks: Monkeys Uptown, Rabbit Will Run

I would give this album 8.5/10 myself. Well worth the investment!

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