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A friend of mine may have bought THE coolest car radio ever on a bootsale today

It's a clarion and it was incredibly expensive back then. This is very overcomplete. It's got four power amplifiers with seperate power supplies, a preamp, cassette player, tuner and joystick for balance/fader. We did some research and it's worth far over $200. We obviously paid almost nothing for it.
We think this was once built into a luxurious touringcar as there's four stereo amplifiers. You wouldn't need that for a regular car.

Anyway, we bought a lot more.
I got myself a nice Sony CDP-XB720QS CD player and a Yamaha KX-540 cassettedeck that came along with the player. I bought a tone generator as well.
Then there's a very nice vintage Italian 8-track player.

I didn't buy that, a friend of mine did.
But I did buy the box with about 100 8-track cartridges that came with it.

Bought some singles, a nice lamp, a vintage pocket databank,... Ah well

There you go. Luckily it's not all mine .
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