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Think you're overreacting here.

It'd be narcissistic if this person said 'Wow, this is the best album ever. I need to buy it for everybody I know in order to educate them, because they are clearly my inferiors for having not heard this utter MASTERPIECE.'

Sounds like a guy just really loved something and wanted to try to spread his love of it to people that he cares about. Isn't that natural? When I hear a great song, I try to tell my friends about it. It's not self-absorbed. In fact, if anything, it's very interpersonal. It involves you trying to spread the love rather than hoard it all onto yourself like a narcissist would.

Besides, a good gift is also somewhat indicative of a person trying to put a little bit of themselves into it. I can't really think of a better way of transposing your own thoughts into a gift than giving somebody an album you really like (all within reason, of course - I'm not going to send a free jazz album to somebody who's barely into music at all, but I might make them a mixtape or something, because it comes from the heart, I put effort into it, and it says something about me for that person to care about). If a person gets a gift and isn't grateful that it's not a cell phone or a gadget, that's their loss. Frankly, I think sharing art you love with others that you care about is a great thing. Doing it as a gift just proves you obviously care a lot about it.
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