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I'm listening to one of my favorite Beatles's songs, "Julia," and also hunted down Howard Jones' "No one is to blame" after hearing it on the radio today. I always liked "No one is to blame" ever since I first heard it in 1986 and enjoyed its metaphors and message:

The Beatles - "Julia"

Howard Jones - "No one is to blame"

And *now* I'm listening to Beethoven's 2nd Symphony, second movement as a kind of "crash course" since my orchestra performs it soon. There's one part of this placid and light, then contemplative, piece that I feel is very beautiful...but I'm waiting to find when it is in this video....AH, yes...beginning at 6:00 through 6:40 as the tension increases and then resolves.

Originally Posted by Neapolitan:
If a chicken was smart enough to be able to speak English and run in a geometric pattern, then I think it should be smart enough to dial 911 (999) before getting the axe, and scream to the operator, "Something must be done! Something must be done!"

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