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Just kidding.

I think this song is so pretentious and "I-don't-give-a-fuck" that it comes out the other side and just ends up being a totally sincere celebration of life and its glorious diversity. I'm also lovin' the flow. I also really like the Das Racist song "Return to Innocence." For a while I was worried that the attempt to return to innocence was an escapist routine, but now I think innocence is just dropping the fear and expectations and baggage, and we should all return to innocence.

I don't really care about what the video is trying to prove or say, if anything, but I really like this song. Soulful but feels like it transcends 'soul music.' Very universal to me, perfect relaxed delivery. Very honest.

Really into Cat Stevens at the moment. What is there to say? Beautiful vocals and lyrics, and I love how fast and dynamic the piano is while still feeling totally tranquil and effortless.

Oh snap, remember Eiffel 65? This song is very true. You should avoid living in a bubble. Love the vocoder vocals, totally catchy, the musical content isn't ground-breaking but I think it's exactly what it needs to be. Love it.

This is just totally ridiculous, but also kinda revolutionary. <3

Perfect. What is there to say?
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