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I've been watching the only "Old Grey Whistle Test" DVD released in the US. It has the funniest live performance of "Frankenstein" by The Edgar Winter Group I'll ever see in my life. It shouldn't be funny but it is, all of the guys in the group look/act like they have a birth defect or a chemical imbalance. For instance: the guitarist looks like he has Downs syndrome, the drummer just looks/acts plain mental, the bassist seems to have adhd because he is WAAAY too excited about playing single notes, and of course, good old Edgar Winter is an Albino, and he keeps switching instruments every 5 seconds. The song lasts for about 10 minutes, and you think the song will end about 8 times, but it doesn't. It rocks hard!

Also, Baby Snakes by Frank Zappa is some great concert footage.
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