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Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
Heh, yeah I've always thought that video was a bad fit for the song as well. I don't know if I ever pictured Japanese robots when listening to it but I sure as hell never envisioned a midget jester running around in a medieval town during a May Day celebration either. Given the choice I definitely would've preferred your concept.
Bingo! At first while watching the video I thought maybe it was a spoof of the real thing.

While thinking about Van Halen's cover of "You Really Got Me," I asked myself what female singers have made songs that are equivalently carnal, since it often seems as if most love/lust songs are by men. I came up with three so far: Shakira's "Shewolf" (which I hate) and the following two, which I like. So now I'm listening to these:

Blondie - In the Flesh
Sweet but sensual at the same time.

Divinyls - I touch myself
Very blatant. Perhaps a good female counterpart to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's infamous, "Relax (Don't do it)" which I remember seeing in concert in Germany.

So which is better, "I touch myself" or "Relax (Don't do it)?" My vote goes to the Divinyls because she is a little more holistic in her approach to desire.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax (Don't do it)

Originally Posted by Neapolitan:
If a chicken was smart enough to be able to speak English and run in a geometric pattern, then I think it should be smart enough to dial 911 (999) before getting the axe, and scream to the operator, "Something must be done! Something must be done!"

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