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^This was my first Crimson album (prog album in fact) and I stuck with it. ^_^

But at this point, this falls a bit flat. I don't much like this album compared to most of the rest of their work. Haskell is one of my least favorite vocalists ever. And the stretch of Indoor Games and Happy Family is truly one of the worst in 70's progressive rock if I have my say. I cannot stand either track for any reason save the accidental humor they provide.

But Lady of the Dancing Water doesn't actively offend, and I can enjoy the other two. Cirkus is particularly neat, with Fripp actually playing electric guitar for an epic tritone-y instrumental chorus. And I really like Lizard through the Bolero, I cannot stress how amazing Keith Tippet's piano is on both of these sections. Anderson's vocals aren't spectacular (way better than Haskell's though) but in the first section the folky chorus is memorable and the verses are pretty neat. I really really really like the mellotron break connecting Bolero and Prince Rupert Awakes, and the solos are really beautiful (especially both Oboe solos, which I can be found drooling over). The jazz breakdown in the middle doesn't grab me, but at 8:48 (which I skip to a lot), the minor progression does. The ballad after that does nothing for me, but the dark and weird jazz breakdown is sorta neat after it. Then I just turn the album off, I don't care for Fripp's noodly solo or the disjointed ending.

I don't hate Lizard, but to me it's not Crimson's strongest by any means. 3/5, 9/15 for me.
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