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Originally Posted by cardboard adolescent View Post
music stands alone, one foot in our world and one foot in eternity.
There will probably always be some kind of music if that is what you mean. If you mean specific pieces of music being eternal that isn't really true, all it takes is for a manuscript to get lost or a recording and that music might have been lost forever and hardly heard. Otherwise you made some good points in that post, post no23 of the thread I think.

I like to look at music in totality myself rather than build up too many boundaries like people do now. Yes music now is apparently more fragmented into different things, but some of that is marketing people's creation.

Originally Posted by cardboard adolescent View Post
The reason music can even exist as something separate from the ordinary sounds of reality, or as something separate from other art forms, is because music is grounded in an arbitrary differentiation of sounds.

However, so long as we listen and hear a good song, we don't hear what is actually there. Namely, silence.
Some might say that music doesn't exist separately from ordinary sounds and that sometimes it might reflect them in some way.

Of course the rules as they are built around music are in some ways an unnatural construct, and yet music in all societies has basic elements like a kind of rhythm or pitch. Even other animals like whales and birds create their own musical-like sounds. A rising series of notes is somehow more uplifting to us than one that is falling. Is that just a construct that fits music or does it reflect other things?

The fact that you relate music to silence (ie no sounds) suggests that you are relating it beyond just music to sound in general. To me in this post at times and certainly the previous one I commented on you seem to relate music to a more general universal theme than the more limited one you sometimes infer.
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