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Originally Posted by GuitarBizarre View Post
Fender squier acoustics are OK, not fantastic but workable.

As for progression, I'm afraid there are no shortcuts,but one thing you can do to help yourself get used to where the strings are, is to go out and buy the thinnest plectrum you can find. I used a .36mm nylon plectrum for this.

Then learn Street spirit by radiohead. Its really simple to play, but the fact you're using a super thin pick will force you to really work on your picking, because if you hit even remotely too hard, you'll strum 2 or even 3 strings at once rather than one. Practice until you can play it cleanly with your super thin plectrum, and your hands muscle memory of where each string is will improve immensely, allowing you to tackle lots more stuff easily. (Once you've gone back to a thick pick of course, god forbid you stick with the .36mm, thats just crazy thin.
Ok, thanks! I will definitely try doing that. I'm glad to hear my guitar isn't a total piece of junk.
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