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Originally Posted by <<<>>>
im sorry i have to share this. so my sister(11) is into popgroups/boybands that play instruments or as she calls it "punk". Long story short her list of the best punk bands consisted of the following:
Not So Great Charlotte
Simple Plan
Avril Lavigne
Ashley Simpson
and Hilary Duff.
What the &^% are the pop music mags teachind these kids?
You forgot Gr*** D**...I mean we talked bout this at least one thousand times... That they aren't punk at all, simple mainstream-shie instead. But I think you sister'll find out bout that when she's...13 or something. Kids are just too easy to influence. I never was (except this BSB thing, nah) by media, friends...They just wanna be part of the big stream, they need that peer group pressure to see one day: "Damn, I'm not that way!"
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