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An interesting question. Some people seem to treat science today as though it were a religion in and of itself (almost as if to spite those who adhere to Christianty and the like), so perhaps therein lies the hint of what we'll see a few centuries or millennia down the line.

People, like it or not, are hardwired to believe in something, even if they can't define exactly what that something is with the help of a thesaurus or the words of long-dead thinkers. Atheism is a struggle to bury that kind of thing because it doesn't serve any logical purpose for most people.

However, not even taking into account how little we actually know about the universe and what lies in its depths, things happen here on Earth all the time that can't be explained right away through observation, conventional or accepted scientific methodologies. Take, for example. the inexplicable disappearance of all of Lake Anjikuni's 1200+ Eskimo population back in the 1930. Very strange stuff!

Lake Anjikuni Eskimo Village - Para Is Normal

Personally, unless one of H.P. Lovecraft's various entities shamble out from their outer-dimensional walls and annihilate us (thus rendering our scientific progress as a species negligible), I think people will continue to believe in things beyond the provable and observable as long as there remains some degree of "unknown" beyond there. Whether or not part of that "unknown" for you includes the worship of the divine is up to us (and our descendants) as individuals.
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