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Default Sxsw 2011

Wow. What a year for this shit. As amazing as it's been, I'm glad it's over. Did anyone else make it this year?
I need to beef real quick. I wish SXSW would take a break. I know it's got tradition, but the tradition is already being shat on by all of the corporations sponsoring shows at the event. Now you can't get into many of the shows without paying up to a thousand bucks for a badge. But there are still many, many free and awesome shows. Unfortunately, it may not stay that way. I also have beef with a lot of the people coming from out of town and not having any respect for the city. There was a near riot at the Death From Above show. And of course, the black eye for the whole festival, I was at the show where Ben Weasel of Screeching Weasels Punches two girls.
All that aside, thank you to everyone that came out and made it a success. I swear I feel like I saw half my iPod this weekend. The Dead Milkmen may have been my favorite performance, but Aceyalone, Odd Future, Bad Brains, Death Letters, !!!, and Doomtree all killed it. Many, many other bands had great shows. All the free bbq was great, and goddamnit if I didn't meet some great people and gain a new pot dealer. I'm nursing a hangover, but it was all worth it. I hope to see you all next year (because it will still happen, brought to you by Carl's Jr.).
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