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I don't know why everyone on this board is negative towards Jon Bon Jovi. However, in regards to Steve Jobs, it's not fair to blame him him entirely for the 'New Age' music format. I miss the record stores, too, but it's not only iTunes fault. Since the start of the internet, record sales in the local retails has dwindled conciderably, the cost of a CD compared to a mp3 dowload is ridiculous, and the ease of downloading is immediate. In all respectiveness, it's the persons who purchase downloads that is killing the music industry. Music has evolved from generation to generation, from one format to another, now it's the era for downloads. Although, I may not agree with the format, it has its benefits. For one, it's much convient to carry a mp3 player as opposed to haul a CD player and CDs or a walkman and cassette tapes. Secondly, someone can store his or hers entire music collection on one mp3 player. And thirdly, you can download albums that have otherwise has been out-of-print for quite some time. Society has to learn to adapt to this technology. So, Jon Bon Jovi has to accept the fact that this is the way the universe will purchase and listen to music. It's here until something else comes along.
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