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Originally Posted by VEGANGELICA View Post
Are you sure this is true, Cardboard Adolescent?

For example, physicists have gained insight into how the universe works, learning that its nature is not what people had imagined (space as curved; light having particle and wave features simultaneously; an ever-expanding universe; the uncertainty in where particles go apparently being affected by whether there is an observer or not, which I don't get at all).

I think the wonder of the mind/brain is that it *can* conceive of 'things' it has never directly experienced...although I agree how our mind functions is limited by the 'meat' that is us. I will probably never perceive the universe as does a cat's or bird's mind, for example, and I can't make myself remember every moment (although some people can). So, I agree that the mind is definitely limited.
These insights of the curvature of space-time and the wave/particle duality of all things are still only intellectual. They are words on a piece of paper. Have these scientists actually experienced wave/particle duality? Have they experienced the relativity of time and space? All they've experienced is what they've known before--an idea arises, excitement arises, one shares the idea with others, others either embrace the idea and pleasure arises or others reject the idea and disappointment arises. Why are these ideas important? What new experience do they give us?

The mind can't really conceive of things it hasn't experienced, which is precisely why these ideas are so mysterious. They stand for things we haven't experienced. They show us the unexplored realms of the universe into which our mind has not yet delved.

The insight is merely intellectual, it is not yet experiential. Until it is experiential, the mind hasn't made any real progress.
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