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I love how this album can spark debates like this. The reason I think it has the reputation it does is because it epitomizes what shoegaze is about in every way. Other albums might have more hooks, crunchier guitars, dreamier melodies...whatever. Loveless takes all those elements and turns into a defining shoegaze statement. The point of shoegaze is to get lost in the sound and live in the world the music creates. The melodies are buried under walls of sounds and you have to go looking for them to appreciate what is going on. My first first few listens, in fact...I didn't like the album. I couldn't hear what was so great about it. Then one day, I paid attention to just the right aspects and I could hear everything for what it was. Those melodies and chord progressions are pure genius and the fact that Kevin Shields was willing to hide them all behind so much noise tells you he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve.

Most shoegaze albums are what they are. You listen, you enjoy, you move on. Loveless slowly reveals itself to you over time. It is like fine wine. That is why those other shoegaze bands tried to emulate them. My Bloody Valentine had figured out what every other shoegaze band was trying to accomplish. That is also why it will stand the test of time and remain a classic for years to come.
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