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About a year and a half ago I got a guitar and have been learning a bit here or there since but never really made a whole lot of progress with it because I kept taking like month long breaks and had to re-learn it all later. But anyway, does anyone have tips for me to progress a bit faster? Or maybe some website recommendations that might help me out? I pretty much know the basic chords and a couple barre chords. Yeah, I know, just keep practicing everyday and don't take long breaks. But besides that, any tips?

Also, I really have no idea if the guitar I have is any good or not. I did some research before I got it and saw pretty much good reviews, but it was cheap so it might not be good quality. It's an acoustic Fender Squier. Doesn't really matter if it's bad quality or not because I can't afford to get another but I was just curious.

Listen to and learn lots of Beatles and Bob Dylan songs. Great great songs for beginners.
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