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Originally Posted by Anteater View Post
First of all, not all hair metal is shit. Second, Bon Jovi is a particularly bad example of AOR, not hair metal. If you are going to bother bashing an artist, get thine fucking genres straight.
All hair metal was ****. Sorry to hurt your feelings by giving my opinion on a ****ty genre.
Um he was glam metal which is aka hair metal. So thank you for trying to act like you know what you are talking about when it is evident you do not.

Originally Posted by MoonlitSunshine View Post
I feel I have to comment on this as well: So, after this ridiculously opinionated comment of yours in which you slash an entire, quite popular genre and refuse to admit that Bon Jovi might have written something half decent in his entire musical career (you don't think it might just not be your taste?), don't you think Bon Jovi's entitled to his opinion as well? You might not agree with it, but what he said is going to strike true with a lot of people out there.
I refuse to admit he has any good songs since he is garbage and since that quite popular genre was garbage as well. Just because something is popular does not make it good.

Firstly, he said two different things, only slightly, but it's important. The first is that he didn't say Steve Jobs Killed music, he said that he felt Steve Jobs had killed the music business, which you can argue quite well. There's a fairly large different between the two, and you might consider music business as Bon Jovi considers it to be obsolete, but it doesn't make him any less right.
the music business has changed he did not kill it. He just helped make record companies pretty much obsolete

He Then goes on to say why this saddens him, and yes, Oojay, he does mention the unknown aspect of an album, and I agree with him. If completely kills some of the aspects of getting a new album and listening to it for the first time if you have had a 90 second preview of all the tracks beforehand. I don't think it's feasibly possible to argue that it doesn't take away from the mystery.
Um they play the songs over the radio does that not take away from an albums mystery? they sold singles before itunes even existed.

Buzz*ven - If you're going to make ridiculously opinionated statements, try allowing other people to have their own opinions as well.
Follow your own advice and shut up than.

Oojay - The iTunes "buy the hut singles" approach kills albums, I've started seeing among my own friends, and I don't like it.
I guess you over look the fact that singles have been sold before itunes even existed. Go back on itunes and take a look how some songs are not available UNLESS you buy the full album.

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