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@Music Phantom: Thanks for the links, you're right, there is a lot of undue hatred out there, I should have dug a little deeper before making my mind up about it! It is a little annoying that digital download is often only slightly better than a ****ty record deal (given how horribly ripped off many artists are by that situation), but I guess we're never going to live in an ideal world where there aren't people skimming off the top, no matter what you do. And it doesn't really change my mind about Apple, I still think they massively overcharge for all their services :P

@Buzzov*en: ...I'm not even sure what to say to that. Basically, you don't like the genre which automatically means it's **** no matter what anyone else has to say? Nice argument. I'm perfectly fine with you not liking it, I couldn't care less what you think if that's your personal view of music, just don't try and tell me that something I quite enjoy listening to is garbage just because you think so.
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