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woah woah woah, slow down there a second. If you look back over this thread, I've offered more points to back up what I've been saying than the vast majority of people here. You want me to address a point I missed because i was taken aback by how biased you were against anything I was likely to say in the first place (which was my point, as i have proven in this thread I'm more than happy to change my opinion if someone can give me valid evidence to prove I'm wrong, you on the other hand seem so completely set in your views that I'd have as much fun arguing with a brick wall)?

Fine: Album mystery. Exactly how many singles are usually released off an album? Three, Four at most? What's the average length of an album? About 12 songs? That's a quarter of the album at the very most that you might hear before you buy it. Songs that may well not end up being your favourites on the album; there's still the majority of the album left to discover, hell it could end up being nothing like what you thought it would be.

I believe Oojay said earlier on in this thread that iTunes gives you a 90 second preview of any song you're thinking of buying. If that doesn't "kill the mystery" I don't know what will. Have I offered enough "opinion" here? Do you want me to go into more detail?
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