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Default Musician, Stereotypically Inspired by Jack White

December 25, 2001 was the most important day of my life as a musician. My parents, on a whim, purchased the White Blood Cells LP as a Christmas gift for me. I heard the White Stripes before, but I had never actually listened. I popped the CD into my little black Sony boombox and my life changed forever.

I spent all morning listening to that album over and over just soaking it all in. I hadn't even touched my other gifts yet, I was so blown away. It was as if I had been listening to music in black and white my whole life, and now I was listening in color.

Because of that one album I began to take in every Stripes album and recording I could get my hands on. I searched for bootlegs, I listened to the inspirations Jack cited in his interviews, and I started developing my own music taste outside of the Stripes world.

Not being satisfied with everything that was out there, White Blood Cells single-handedly inspired me to take up the guitar, drums, and piano and create my own music. It was only a 10 dollar compact disc and it had such a profound effect on my life.

My band is called The Breaks. We're from St. Louis. We were lucky enough to be able to record in Nashville's Ocean Way Studios that Jack White himself has recorded in which was a dream for me in itself. This album exists because of White Blood Cells and I have Jack White to thank for helping me find my calling. If you are interested in listening to my music for free streaming, please go to [link removed by mod - no advertising please read the rules]. Please don't hesitate to tell me what you think. Being able to take criticism is part of the business.

If you don't listen to the music, thanks for listening to my story. I've seen Jack perform live 4 times, once at Madison Square Garden on my 20th birthday, and another time at the Dead Weather concert in St. Louis I was lucky enough to get his pick after the show. I hope one day to inspire someone as much as he has inspired me.

Thanks for listening,
Collin Christopher
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