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Originally Posted by Il Duce View Post
Does Tito & Tarantula do Spanish songs? I like 'em.
I only know La flor de mal ("The Bad Flower"):

It reminds me of the so-called Andalusian rock. BTW, we'll talk about it soon (Triana, Medina Azahara, etc.). Stay tuned.

Now, three new bands more: Edredón (it means eiderdown). Alternative / Electronica / Psychedelic. From the homonymous album, these songs are Querido pedagogo ("Dear Educator") and Bautismo ("Baptism"; here they sing in French, but never mind ):

If you liked it, try these two instrumental tracks too (click): Dialéctica ("Dialectics") and La bola de los anillos ("The Ball of the Rings").

* Cosmen Adelaida: A todo color ("Full Color"; a nice rhythm from minute 1:36 on). Odio París (that means "I hate Paris" ): Cuando nadie pone un disco ("When Nobody Puts On A Record").

"Lullabies for adults / crossed by the years / carry the flower of disappointment / tattooed in their gloomy melodies."

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