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Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
Never heard the Rammstein version but I love the original. I always wished there was more pop music like this to be honest, just fun stuff with tongue firmly in cheek.
I get what you mean here. It is puerile Pop but it never meant to be anything else and anyone stupid enough to buy it meant that the artists involved were laughing their asses off at you for swelling their bank account.

It is when artists seem so sincere in their attempts to make music and fail miserably on an artistic level that we should deride them.

I will have to keep bashing this band and I will until the day I die. It is not just the god awful tune but the production (nicely polished to a tee), the video (punk videos should be recorded by your mate who owns a super 8 camera from the back of a pub gig) or the complete lack of originality. No it is the sheer brassneck of the band to get away with it. Fair play to them. They made a mint from producing some of the most soul crushingly awful music ever put to vinyl


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