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Originally Posted by tore View Post
Personally, if you make a list of suggestions, I think you should make it without thinking too much about whether or not suggestions are "doable". As long as they're suggestions we can get behind, deciding what goes or not is something the admin will do, not something we have to do it for them/him/her/it. Suggestions may have been turned down in the past, but opinions can still change.
What I mean is I'm not submitting stuff that's unlikely or has explicitly denied as in, never gonna happen. For example:
Not do-able: Remove curse filter.
Do-able: Remove certain debatable word from curse filter.

Yac has recently told me that this list is going to get pushed harder, so I am going to include stuff that may have been ignored or denied in the past, but some things are never going to be approved. In any case, if people want to make suggestions, they should do it here. That last thread may have had a few pages of responses, but I wouldn't have deleted it if they were serious and the thread wasn't just being used as a place to post nonsense suggestions.
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