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Originally Posted by Freebase Dali View Post
I don't think having a lounge is affecting the music sections negatively at all. If people join this site to talk about music, then that's what they'll do. If they join the site to have general discussions in the non-music forums, then that's what they'll do. If they want to do both, then guess what...

The fact that both exist on the same site isn't a problem. Those who are here for music discussion shouldn't have any issues with unrelated conversations that are going on in non-music sections. If they do, then perhaps they should evaluate their own priorities...
I'm only giving my opinion on the matter. Not to say that anything can change or what, because I do understand why both are currently on the site. And sure, I suppose people can choose to post in the lounge, or post in the music sections. But it can get annoying when there is more off topic discussion going on then actual music discussion, which is what a majority of people would come here to talk about. Not saying there is none, because i've gotten into some now, but the off topic discussions seem to be getting more and more ridiculous.

But like I said, I could be one of few people who think that.

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