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^ Can`t help you with Uriah Heep, I`m afraid, but for people not familiar with Canned Heat, I can offer the following :

Firstly, they have some pretty good credentials. Formed when John Fahey got a couple of his friends together, Canned Heat were a springboard for the solo careers of Harvey Mandel and Walter Trout, and were fronted by the impressive figure of Bob "The Bear" Hite. Among other achievements, they made an album with John Lee Hooker, which is considered one of JLH`s best works.
Canned Heat may sound a bit dated by today`s standards because they never messed with the formula, but delivered some great, uncluttered blues and irresistable boogie workouts, like this one :

If I were to buy a Canned Heat album, I`d go for a "Best Of" collection, or "Hooker N Heat", which I suspect is a gem of raw, casual blues jamming.
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