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Default What prog have you been playing today, Jimmy?

Correct Baggs if wrong, but seems this most basic of threads has not been brought up here yet???

Good way to stop us from arsing about and, instead, contributing something worthwhile here.

This evening I was listening to a cd I never even realized I had:
ENGEL "Miguel Angel de la Llave Jimenez"

Lite prog with (Catalonian maybe) folk influence but definitely holds the interest.
The keysman does nothing but provide back fill.
The guitarist is interesting: nylon string-sound acoustic and some bumblebee-fuzz electric (duo'ed in places).
They are making effective use of Spanish bagpipe or maybe bombard.
The flute work is exceptional.

Female vocalist sings in English but its hard to make out because of the accent (and also because of that seemingly ever-present - lately - prog problem of shoddy vocal recording.)

So many current otherwise excellent prog cds suffer from drab drumming and bad vocal treatment.
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