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How can one NOT experience reggae, supermarket muzak ,hiphoppery, nauseum.
I mean really! ITS EVERYWHERE, right?

Baggs be glad Baggs is not in a job position where Baggs is forced to listen to all that. (Baggmaster used to work in a laboratory. Baggs was immature then and used to have obnoxious, foul-mouthed aggression-music playing loud all the time: German Sheperds,Lydia Lunch,Crass,Karen Finlay, Butthole Surfers and all that. One evening the president of the company (whom rarely ever entered the plant) makes a surprize visit showing some knob a tour - once Gorbachev went through!. Just then I had some noiseband on loud and the singer is frothing at the mouth going on how much he wants to kill the martinet-boss! Baggs was clear at the other end of the lab and could not get to the boombox to shut the "music" off. The president just shakes his head and smiles. Baggs feared getting a "call-in" the next day, but thankfully nothing at all developed.)

So then, yes I DO know the "silly" musics. And, just like yourself - and to quote Genesis: "I damn well know what I like."

(When one of my guitar heros, Jan Akkerman, totally ruined a solo album of his by doing a reggae version of "All Along The Watchtower"(!!!) that was something not to be forgiven.)
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