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It was 30 years ago hitch hiking home one night as I got picked up in a Porsche 924 and the guy had Fragile cranked on his stereo(what I remember, I think it was either an Alpine or Blaupunkt) and torched up a fatty for the ride home. I yelled at him, "What is this?" He screamed backed, "It's Fragile by Yes." The song was "Roundabout" as the acoustic guitar and the bass line really caught my ear.

The driver went out of his way to take me home. As he stopped to let me out I asked if I could see the cassette cover. He passed it to me and said, " I could see that you were really digging it. Here. It's yours." I thanked him and he booted out into the rural night.

I was immediately a Yes fan and had acquired thier entire discography within about six weeks which at that time was 1980 so it included thier s/t debut to Yesshows.

Prog is my main listening preference with all it's sub-genres except for Zeuhl.
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