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Originally Posted by Mrd00d
Now, I thought it was great and genuinely spot on. I had to check this out because I was listening to their first three albums just a couple days ago. I'd never heard this album, before, though. So I gave it a few spins. I came to pretty much the same conclusions as you did, ratings wise.

I agree about the weird ending on Elders. It struck me that Out on Patrol seems to come out of nowhere.

I agree, I agree. Well written breakdowns of each song, although you might have found something more to say about Demons, it's a good sounding song. I understand why, though, I'm just saying it stands out as being the shortest response, and it's really not the worst on the track.

Do you plan to review their other albums? I enjoyed this. And learned something.

I was wondering what the whole "Jennifer Lost the War" thing was about, and it seems like you know. What's the Little Miss 1565?
Thanks! Check out my other review of Ignition, it's near this thread in the index.

The Little Miss 1565 references this tragic event:
Hartford circus fire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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