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Originally Posted by Thom Yorke View Post
^ I agree, it's been an excellent postseason so far. Very exciting.

Not that I'm looking passed the Flyers (I've learned not to do that), but IF the Bruins advance to the ECF, I can't wait to get at Tampa. The Bruins have absolutely owned them this year and historically. I think it would be a 4 or 5 game series with the Bruins coming out on top.
I would also be picking the Bruins in that series, but in 4? I wouldn't take Tampa so lightly. They also got mostly whooped on by the Caps in the season. By the Conference Final I think you mostly throw the past out the window, especially since they are a different team with Roloson playing lights out right now... it wouldn't be the first time he helped carry a team to the finals. Then again, my changed picks this round have been basically spot on wrong- so I guess I'll just say there's tons of hockey left to be played, and anything can happen at this point.
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