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Originally Posted by Thom Yorke View Post
I just have little respect for Tampa to be honest. I think they've been very lucky to be in the position that they are. Sure, they deserve some credit, but beating a severely depleted Penguins line-up and relying so heavily on goaltending doesn't bode too well. And probably their greatest strength (their PK) wouldn't even have any effect on the Bruins because the Bruins don't do powerplays anyways.

Almost every year the Conference Finals end up having at least one blowout, and I think the Bruins (or the Flyers, if they come back) will have absolutely no trouble knocking them off.
I think they deserve more than a little credit. The Penguins were a tough out even without Crosby and Malkin. Now they are on the verge of sweeping the Caps- one of the best teams in the NHL since making a strategic change to focus on defense.

Roloson has been making the big saves, but they are hardly only relying on their netminder- of the remaining teams in the playoffs they are the second highest scoring behind Detroit this postseason. On top of that they have been the stingiest of any of the 16 participants up to this point.

Write them off, but if Boston goes into the series with the same mentality you have about Tampa the Bruins would get blown out of the water.
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