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It doesn't look like this one has been done yet.

The Sounds: Something to Die For
1. "It's So Easy" 2:33
2. "Dance with the Devil" 4:47
3. "The No No Song" 3:53
4. "Better Off Dead" 4:55
5. "Diana" 3:35
6. "Something to Die For" 5:33
7. "Yeah Yeah Yeah" 3:58
8. "Won’t Let Them Tear Us Apart" 4:07
9. "The Best of Me" 4:48
10. "Wish You Were Here" 3:08

Here are some of the songs:

For some reason I couldn't find the option to make it into a poll.

Richard: Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels?

Barry: NO!! ....the Righteous Brothers.

Richard: Well, never mind.

Barry: No, not never mind. You tell me right now. What's wrong with the Righteous Brothers?

Richard: Nothing, I just prefer the other....

Barry: BULLCRAP!!!

Rob: How can it be "bullcrap" to state a preference????
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