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Originally Posted by Boozinbloozin View Post
Im simply floored by the Cowboys decision to waste a number one pick on a tackle. Just one more example why we cant ever seem to our ducks in a row. What the hell are they thinking really? I didnt get to see the draft as it happened but when i turned on Nfl network the next day and saw it flash across the bottom. I rolled my eyes and just thought to myself...theres no end to our demise. Lets just completley ignore the fact that every team in the NFL can throw the ball down the field on Dallas. Also every team knows that and ever team does!!! Jesus Christ stop the bleeding already Jerry!! Because Romo the effin homo get hot his poor little shoulder seperated you felt that the line was more urgent or what? I dont know who's calling the shots on the draft but there couldnt have been a worse one for the Cowboys.
That's funny, everyone else in the world knows JJ calls every shot.

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