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Man I have to give props to my boy Ocho for giving it a shot. He failed misierably of course but hey....he tried. It was good for some laughs and I really dont know what the purpose of the whole stunt was. Maybe he just wanted to see if he could do it. Or maybe in relation to his fake spanish name....this was as close as he could get to "the running of the bulls" Whatever the case maybe better luck next time Ocho-Cinco. Im not sure who the guy standing beside Ocho is but he kinda looks like Ty Murry...a 7 time pro bull riding world champion. He has a ranch down around Stephenville Tx. somewhere. Anyway the look on whoevers face that is... is priceless when hes looking at Ocho Cinco. Something like "this guy has lost his marbles and has no chance"

In other news am I mistaken or did I hear that Roger Goodell quit? What? This could be a good thing or this could be a terrible thing for football. Im not quite sure how to perceive it yet but someone needs to get on the ball with this whole lockout issue. Im to the point where I dont give a **** whos right or wrong just get the **** solved. Americans need their football fix and its ****ing things up a lot with all the lockout rules that are in effect this offseason.

As I was watching Espn earlier analysts are saying the Nfc is pretty much up for grabs between only two teams. The Bears and the Pack..true enough the Pack did win the Super Bowl and will definatley be a contender but have they forgotten about Philly and Atlanta? Not to mention the teams that come out of nowhere every year and suprise the pack did last year. The Cowboys are never completley out of anything and lets not forget New Orleans slaughtered the draft this year. Along with Tampa showing signs of life last year I think the Nfc is anyones conference to have. One team that was a bad call away from a win almost every game last year was Detroit as well. Philly's main problem was keeping their linebackers healthy and productive and they drafted two more to solve that problem if im not mistaken. So I wouldnt go banking everything I had on the Bears and the Pack just yet guys.

One more topic that never really appealed to me was this whole hard knocks thing. Where they keep a camera crew on sight during all of training camp and throughout practices. Dallas did it a couple of years ago and I think the Jets did it last year. I think its just a distraction myself
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