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Default Why I don't write

I was recently admonished and chastised for never submitting a song of my own and to anyone else in the forum that feels im an ass for not submitting, allow me to say why.

For one thing, I don't necessarily agree with this forum because we are writing "songs" yet theres no music to accompany the words. In my mind, its not a song. Its a poem or a badly strung together set of words. I've never complained about it, I just never wrote.

I did, however, decide to give people feed back because if anything sucks more then hearing your writing is terrible, its hearing nothing at all. People put work into these things and I felt they at least deserved a responce. Appreantly I've done too little.

In an attempt to clear the air you should discuss whether people should have to submit to participate or not. I for one am done responding to things in here, but you should at least set ground rules for the forum.
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