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Originally Posted by pourmeanother View Post
So sad about Boogard.

Ben Eager- disgraceful game, I hope he is SCRATCHED for a while. There was no discipline.

My one officiating complaint: the Sharks were high sticked twice in the first period - both times drawing blood, one of which right in front of a ref! - and there were no calls. That's 8 minutes of potential PP time that wound up even strength, where the Sharks have been flat out dominated during.

Outside of that- the Canucks fully dominated and deserved the win. Hope we can right the ship back home, or else this is shaping up to be a repeat performance of the '10 WCF.
Series doesn't start till somebody loses a home game. I expect the Sharks to come out with the kitchen sink game 3. I figured Vancouver to win this series, but i'd like to see the sharks put up a fight. Game 1 could have gone either way.
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