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I don't know what the story with that region dipping into cold weather sports is, but I live in New England. It can get pretty ****ing cold up here, and Hockey is still probably the 4th ranked sport, save for crotchety old men refusing to watch "overplayed athletes" (usually means MLB).

I refer to the old George Carlin gag where he's combining states and says something like Michigan to Montana should be one state and we'll call it "Hockey." If kids don't grow up playing something, its harder for them to get into a sport. Personally I love Hockey and I can't skate for ****, but by and large I think thats the story. Now you've got a bunch of Southerners who, and this is not meant to be offensive toward them, probably didn't contemplate hockey in the 50 degree weather in December.

I spoke to a family member of mine in NC years back who asked about the Temp in Boston. I said it was something like 19 degree and she almost lost her mind. "The banks/schools close here if it goes below freezing."

Yeah, that's the place we should put a hockey team...why not some ski slopes and bobsled tracks while we're at it.
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Also, the bone flute came from cave bears.
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