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Originally Posted by Laces Out Dan! View Post
A question I ask myself often. And how about Florida having two teams!? The Lightning only sells 6000 seats a game when they're below .500 which seams to happen 3 out of 4 seasons. And to think about the Panthers even playing .500 hockey is a laugh.
You think it sucks, but for me it is a total blessing. I live deep south in FL and get to see the Sabres play a few times a year for only $6 for the Panthers, and a little more for Tampa. They never sell out so I end up 3-4 rows off the ice, and there are always more Buffalo fans, so it feels like a home game. There are even more fans from random teams than FL fans. It seems I always have a seat next to a MTL or TOR fan though, which is quite fun when you aren't playing against them.

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