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Despite Rays former off the field issues from years ago. He has proven to be over the years one of the best linebackers to ever play the game. Season after season this guy continues to be dominate as if he's immune to ageing. Ive never really been a fan of his or disliked him really. He's just one of those guys you worry about when your team play the Ravens. Cause you know he's going to disrupt your offense when he's on the field. However after watching this interview and hearing his thoughts and perspective on the lockout issue. I have a new found respect for the guy and wish the rest of the league (players and owners) would take on his attitude and mentality. So far he seems to be the only one ive heard seem genuine at all about putting personal agendas aside and just getting a deal done to salvage the season. Maybe a little bit of what he's sayng will rub off on some of the other powers at be and we can look forward to another year of great football. Heres Ray with his thoughts on the lockout.

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