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Sylanide - Sucks.
Blixen - Sucks. Sounds too much like one of Santa's reindeer.
Gasolinear - Sucks. Trying way too hard.
Sparkosis - Not too bad. Probably the best of the bunch.
Funconditional - Okay if you're target audience is 7 year olds. It has also been used numerous times as an album name by various artists.
Essempathy - Sucks.
Paradoxyde - Sucks. Attaching oxygen molecules to words doesn't make them cool.

As far as picking out a portmanteau for a band name, I would gather all of the band members together. Make a list of your musical influences, your goals as a band, words describing your musical style, your interests, etc. Just start putting words together and get a few that you like. Do an extensive internet search to make sure the word is not widely in use, trademarked or copyrighted.
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