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Originally Posted by Vanilla View Post
God created suffering by allowing the Devil to roam the earth. We do have free will, we can chose to be moral and 'good' or follow a path of evil. It's our choice. He can't interfere with our lives, only design them to follow a certain path. Suffering and pain is what tests our faith because once you die and get to heaven the suffering will be gone. I'm saying it rather simplified but it doesn't always need to sound that complicated.
Does God create each individual person in your view? If so, doesn't creation of a person count as interference?

If you believe that God has anything to do with your existence, than I think you would have to view that as interference since he would have gotten the ball rolling full knowing what would happen afterword. It would be like an inconceivably large Rube Golberg machine, you would know exactly what you were causing into reality.
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