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Default Gift of Gab "Supreme Lyricism" Album Discussion

Gift of Gab

1. Intro
2. Gift Of Gab - 'Supreme Lyricism'
3. Blackalicious feat. Lateef The Truth Speaker, Talib Kweli - 'It's Goin' Down (Remix)'
4. Gift Of Gab feat. Mr. Lif - 'Lay It Down'
5. Blackalicious - 'Just What Can Happen'
6. Gift Of Gab feat. Versatyle - 'Greatness'
7. Gift Of Gab feat. Lateef The Truth Speaker, Lyrics Born - '3 Strike Felony'
8. Blackalicious - 'Without A Trace'
9. Gift Of Gab - 'Sun Don't Shine'
10. Crown City Rockers feat. Gift Of Gab - 'Fortitude'
11. Gift Of Gab - 'Let It Go'
12. Haiku D'Etat feat. Lyrics Born, Lateef, Blackalicious - 'Top Qualified'
13. Gift Of Gab - 'Left Side Of The Brain'
14. Gift Of Gab - 'Napalm'
15. New Flesh feat. Gift Of Gab - 'Communicate'
16. Gift Of Gab feat. Lateef The Truth Speaker - 'Cold War Economics'
17. Gift Of Gab - 'Inner Door Open'
18. Quannum MC's - 'Quannum World'
19. Gift Of Gab feat. Motion Man - 'The Art Of Riding A Beat'
20. Quannum MC's feat. Souls Of Mischief - 'Extravaganza'
21. Blackalicious - 'Touch The Stars'
22. Boom Bap Project feat. Gift Of Gab - 'Whyle Out'
23. Gift Of Gab feat. Jumbo The Garbageman - 'Limited Flight Time'
24. NYC Freestyle Live @ BB King's
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